Supportive Housing

RurAL CAP provides transitional and permanent housing opportunities with access to behavioral health and supportive services in order to aide those experiencing homelessness in Anchorage. 

We offer two kinds of supporting housing: transitional and permanent. Our transitional housing facility, Safe Harbor Muldoon, serves families with children, helping them gain stability in preparation for a permanent residence. Permanent housing provides long-term housing support, helping individuals move toward economic independence.  

As an accredited behavioral health provider, tenants of our Supportive Housing facilities have access to on-site case management and psychotherapy services. This includes daily living skills training, benefit acquisition assistance, tenancy support, assistance with access to appointments, and providing referrals. 

In order to provide these resources to Anchorage residents, we build strong partnerships with other community service providers. We are a part of the Anchorage Regional Behavioral Health Coalition (an agreement between more than 20 substance abuse, mental health, and integrated service providers) and a member of the Municipality of Anchorage Mobile Intervention Team (MIT).  

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  • Coordinated Entry Flyer
    • 325 E 3rd
    • Karluk Manor
  • Safe Harbor
  • Sitka Place

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