Strategic Direction

Alaska is at a pivotal moment in time with substantial economic and infrastructure opportunities within reach for our rural communities. Intentional capacity building and partnerships will enhance rural Alaskans’ equitable access to the opportunities at hand to bolster self-determination and create a sustainable economic future across Alaska. In response, RurAL CAP’s Board of Directors has identified Strategic Priorities through 2028 to provide the framework to integrate our existing statewide collaborations and direct our new initiatives. This unified approach will bring our vision of Healthy People, Sustainable Communities, and Vibrant Cultures to life.


As Alaska’s only Community Action Agency, we’ve focused our efforts to deliver services in all aspects of the fight against poverty and strive to instill individual empowerment. We rally behind the core of our mission – to empower low-income Alaskans through advocacy, education, affordable housing, and direct services that respect our unique values and cultures – we align our service areas to uphold our agency pillars of respect for people and continuous improvement through Rural Housing, Family Services, and Community Development.


We work to ensure every dollar we spend is an investment toward improving the quality of life for low-income Alaskans.