Strategic Direction

In 2019, our Board of Directors approved an amendment to RurAL CAP’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan by formally adopting organizational Breakthrough Initiatives. These Breakthrough Initiatives refine our agency’s strategic direction and support organizational growth through innovation and teamwork.

  1. RurAL CAP will achieve measurable world-class organizational fitness for non-profit management.
  2. By maintaining and expanding a Circle of Safety, RurAL CAP will nurture respect, trust, healing, active learning, and honesty—inside and outside our organization.
  3. RurAL CAP will strengthen its current revenue streams through expansion, diversification, and innovative community engagement on fiscally responsible social entrepreneurship.
  4. Through partnerships, RurAL CAP will promote whole community healing by facilitating the implementation of unique, locally driven models that will empower Alaskans to break the cycle of poverty.


We work to ensure every dollar we spend is an investment toward improving the quality of life for low-income Alaskans.