RurAL CAP Says Farewell to CEO, Patrick M. Anderson

In September 2021, the Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc., (RurAL CAP) will say farewell to Patrick M. Anderson, who served as our Chief Executive Officer for three years.

Over the past three years, we have successfully confronted vast challenges alongside Alaskan communities: the 2018 earthquake, the 2019 state budget cuts, and the COVID-19 global pandemic. During this period, we also experienced vast growth: the opening of the Bay Haven Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter, the expansion of program areas, and the launch of a new brand and website. 

Anderson’s guidance was instrumental in shaping the development of our victim services in rural Alaska and in the expansion of existing programs throughout the state. Tiel Smith, our Chief Operating Officer, states “Patrick brought his extensive experience, strong academic background, and positive outlook to the table every day. We could always rely on him to bring a new perspective backed by a holistic approach to support the clients we serve. He will be greatly missed.”

Our Board President, Joe Williams, adds “We value Anderson’s service and dedication to RurAL CAP. The Board looks forward to continuing to benefit from Patrick’s strategic leadership over the next few months and into the future as we work to identify a new Chief Executive Officer.” 

Anderson created a strong and successful foundation for our organization moving forward by shaping a culture around the pillars of respect for people and continuous improvement. We will carry these values into the future along with continued hope and a deep commitment to the needs of Alaskan communities.

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